July 19, 2016

Get the Best Window Shades & Blinds – Professional Installation!

Get answers to frequently asked questions about window shades and blinds and everything related to them. Take advantage of the information and advice shared on this page to have a beautiful and cozy setting in your home and/or office. Scroll down to start reading.

Should my blinds cover just the window or the frame too?

Our Beverly Hills Blinds & Shades experts explain that this is a matter of personal choice. Generally, having the blind cover a small section of the frame (other than the window) can give better light blocking.

How important is light filtering when selecting window shades?

Light filtering is all about how much light the shades will let in when they are down. You can opt for sheer ones if you want the room to be brighter during the day or for darkening shades to get all the ambient light blocked.

Should I get colorful blinds for large windows?

Consider your preferences and decor. If you have no other colorful items in the room, then this could be a great decorative solution. Such blinds can perfectly match solid-colored furniture and carpet.

Can I make my house warmer in the winter with honeycomb blinds?

Honeycomb blinds are designed to trap air. As a result, they serve as barriers reducing the heat transfer from the room to the outside environment. They are great for insulation.

How do I place an order?

Before you can place an order, you need to have us measure your windows or doors for the blinds or shades of your choice. You can then place your order with the representative.

Can I make my own measurements and send them to you?

While it may be possible for you to measure your own windows, there is a possibility for inaccuracies and wrong measurements thus it’s still best to leave the measurements to us.