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If you’d like to get a feel for what our blind and shade installation projects look like in practice, you can check out a few of our most recent work reports below.

Vertical Blinds Near Fairfax | Beverly Hills Blinds & Shades

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Mrs. Mitchell wanted to be able to protect her privacy AND control the amount of sunlight in her living room.
Our Solution: Bearing in mind this customer’s needs and wishes as well as the current style of Mrs. Mitchell’s living room, we proposed installing vertical blinds. Not only would they do exactly what Mrs. Mitchell wanted, but would also add a sense of height to the room. We returned at a time that suited the customer and installed customized blinds in a jiffy. Mrs. Mitchell was satisfied both with our speed and with the new and improved look of her living room.

Rebecca Mitchell - Fairfax
Roman Shades Next To Beverly Hills CA

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Gammerson’s living room shades were destroyed in a minor house fire, and he needed a new set. His insurance was enough to pay for some nice Roman shade replacements.
Our Solution: The window was tall and deep enough for Roman shades, so it was a simple matter of measuring it and getting the customer’s design choices. We subsequently installed a royal purple and gold embroidered fabric over rigid slats, with a tail-embellished hem.

Abott Gammerson - Beverly Hills
Blackout Curtains Next To Fairfax CA

Blackout Curtains

Customer Issue: Ms. Fowler wanted complete darkness for her bedroom for more restful sleep due to working late night shifts and ending to nap during the day.
Our Solution: Our professionals consulted with the customer and explained that blackout curtains would both suit her bedroom aesthetically by giving a lovely flowing feeling, as well as completely keep out any light from outside. She felt this would be perfect, and our team installed the custom-made curtains as soon as they were ready.

Tricia Fowler - Fairfax
Faux Wood Blinds Close-by Inglewood CA

Faux Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: Wanted to maintain the natural woody style of the room in question.
Our Solution: With the assistance of our team, the customer chose faux wood blinds, offering the look of wood with the advantages of PVC, such as scratch and moisture resistance, durability and easy maintenance. Cloth tape in a coordinated color was added to hide the slat holes.

Juan Chaney - Inglewood
Solar Shades Next To Beverly Hills CA

Solar Shades

Customer Issue: Proper light control and glare reduction are important for a computer lab, but difficult to manage without making it claustrophobic and stifling. Solar shades are a handy workaround.
Our Solution: Black polyester basket-weave shades, fitted for all four windows, hit the spot perfectly. These glare-reflecting solar shades each received a roller-style mounting and drawcord, and our team set them in-frame to prevent them from hanging onto the computer monitors under some of the windows.

Celeste Maccullen - Beverly Hills
Drapery Close To Beverly Grove CA


Customer Issue: After some home redecorating, Mrs. Farenzen realized that her new carpet needed a different style of window treatment to go with it.
Our Solution: Our crafting team made the new drapes in the same style as the previous pair, but in a better matching crimson brown and with a more elaborate, ribboned valance. The new pair were installed on the same housing rod, and matched the revamped room much better.

Alice Farenzen - Beverly Grove
Motorized Roller Shades Nearest Beverly Hills CA

Motorized Roller Shades

Customer Issue: The customer wanted a sleek modern control scheme and window protections set up in his new residence.
Our Solution: Four windows, three different sizes, and two colors of polyester fabric went into our calculations for this set. During the installation process, our team synced all four motors to the same remote, which included a smartphone uplink that lets Mr. Bark adjust them at will.

Ibrahim Bark - Beverly Hills
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Satisfaction Guarantee

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