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Get answers to frequently asked questions about window shades and blinds and all things related. Take advantage of the information and advice shared on this page to help you create a beautiful and cozy setting in your home and/or office.

Can I make my house warmer in the winter with cellular shades?

Unequivocally yes. That's very possible. Cellular shades can trap air using their honeycomb-like design, and thus prevent, or at least reduce, heat transfer. They make for excellent barriers that provide extra insulation to any room. For this reason, cellular shades are an excellent choice for those looking to improve the thermal efficiency of any room.

Should I get colorful blinds for large windows?

Consider your preferences and the surrounding decor. If you have no other colorful items in the room, then this could be a great decorative solution. Color, especially the kind that pops and catches the eye, can really improve the appeal of a room. Colorful blinds or shades can perfectly match solid-colored furniture and carpet. It's all about the shading. Pun intended.

How important is light filtering when selecting window shades?

It really depends on your preference. Light filtering refers to a certain blind or shade's ability to reduce the amount of sunlight that gets through while fully closed. This helps provide UV protection as well as privacy, without blocking out all light completely. You can opt for sheer shades if you want the room to be brighter during the day. These come in varying degrees of "openness", meaning different materials will provide different levels of opacity and glare reduction. You can also go with room darkening shades to block a lot of the ambient light. The ultimate choice is up to you.

Should my blinds cover just the window or the frame too?

Generally speaking, having the shades or blinds cover a small section of the frame is preferable. This is instead of just the window. The reason? It can result in improved light blocking capabilities. If the shades cover only the window and none of the frame, some sunlight can still get through from the sides or bottom. Also, remember that strong winds can move the shades, at which point more sunlight will get through. Be sure to let experts measure the dimensions of the windows in question, to avoid future issues.


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