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Sheer Shades

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Horizontal Sheer Shades

Sheer Shades

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Sheer shades make for an excellent window covering option for those who want UV protection and privacy, but also some natural lighting. Made with a combination of solid fabric horizontal pleats and sheer fabric cut-outs, these coverings are a simple and affordable way to bring some functionality and decor additions to any room. It's a modern and compact cover that provides a lightweight solution to window fixtures that is both functional and stylish. The roller pane is compact in its design that hides cords and adjustment panels. Of course, there are cordless options available as well. And let's not forget about motorized sheer shades.

What's So Special About Them?

These window coverings offer a mixture of different benefits. They combine privacy with light diffusing that allows you to still bring some natural sunlight in, without giving people a view inside. Why? Because the fabric is semi-transparent, thus allowing some light in, but not enough to create a vivid image. The result is vague silhouettes, which is the reason for the name of the Hunter Douglas product. In addition, sheer shades also provide UV protection (various levels, depending on the fabric used). That means they allow you to utilize natural sunlight to brighten up a room without damaging the upholstery. Glare reduction is another major benefit sheer shades have to offer.

New Sheer Shades To Complement Decor

The slatted feature with geometric patterns is an ideal design theme which makes a perfect choice for blinds for home and office use. These fabric shades are perfect for any type of space. They create a soft and subtle effect that makes modern living stylish and convenient. They can definitely flatter your living room, kitchen, and patio windows. You can also take advantage of their sophisticated looks for your office.

Ok, I Want Sheer Shades. Now What?

Simple. You give Beverly Hills Blinds & Shades a call or use the online system on this website to schedule an appointment. Giving home and business owners in the greater LA area advice on the types of window treatments that will best fit their property is our pleasure. Contact us at any time for a professional and free consultation at your home that will include measurements. After that part's done, our shade installers will return with your new coverings, which they'll proceed to set up right away.


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