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Motorized Blackout Curtains Made To Size

Somfy window curtains and draperies available in custom designs and measures for all areas near Beverly Hills. Free estimates and consultations offered before every purchase!

Blackout Curtains

Room Darkening Curtains - Beverly Hills

Studies show that blackout window curtains in a bedroom significantly improves the restfulness and health of people who sleep in it. Blackout curtains also discourage theft, protect domestic privacy, and help control indoor temperatures in a way that most window treatments can’t. In other words, there are plenty of reasons to want a set of good blackout curtains on a living or bedroom window. With our affordable custom design and manufacturing services, you can outfit your house with protective blackout drapes and curtains anywhere in Beverly Hills. Choose motorized curtains powered by Somfy controls and you can maximize natural light use and energy efficiency as well. Motorized drapery offers you the best shading solutions on the aesthetic and utility sides.

Custom Blackout Draperies And Curtains For Beverly Hills Area Windows

Blackout window curtains and draperies come in all sizes and shapes, and despite the name, you can make them any color. According to multiple online surveys over the last few years, white blackout curtains are actually the most popular color! There are also plenty of options when it comes to blackout window curtains’ composition. Polyester sheets with acrylic lining are the most common formula for these curtains, but wool, thick cotton, and mixtures are also possibilities. Since the “blackout” feature mostly comes from the internal acrylic later, the exterior of the curtains is free for customization. Soft felt or linen outer lining makes a set of blackout drapes in your Beverly Hills bedroom more comforting and homey, for a relaxing atmosphere. Reflective outer surfaces prevent unwanted heating by reflecting sunlight away from the window. Short curtains, or long, trailing blackout draperies? The choices are endless!

Ideas For Motorized Blackout Curtains

Adding electricity to the mix makes blackout window curtains better at what they already do. Motorized blackout curtains can work on timers, or follow computer control, which lets them protect your climate, privacy, and sleep all on their own. You can even go a step further, and hook your curtains up to a thermostat or brightness sensor. This will let the window coverings react to the weather on “reflex.” For direct remote control, dedicated handsets are still in common use, but they now compete against smartphone app-based controls. These days, motorized blackout curtains come with wired and battery-powered versions, each of which has its advantages. Wired motorized curtains are low maintenance and user friendly. Battery-powered motorized window curtains and draperies for your Beverly Hills residence or office space don’t need an outlet. They don’t have awkward wires sticking out and offer an aesthetic look.

Free Consultation For Blackout Window Curtains

With so many options for motorized blackout drapery and curtain designs out there, the choices can be a little overwhelming. With our professional consultations available for free, you can have all the help you need narrowing it down and deciding what would best suit you. On top of size, style, and motorization drapery options, we can also recommend aesthetic flourishes. Decorative patterns, additional curtain layers, and side valences, and tassels, fringes, and trims are all good options. Our custom shading solutions are all made-to-measure, and available at affordable rates along with flexible delivery and installation services included. Get your Beverly Hills property new motorized blackout window curtains with Somfy controls by booking a free estimate today!


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