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3 Advances That Modern Blinds Have to Offer


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3 Advances That Modern Blinds Have to Offer

Some Advances That Modern Blinds Have to Offer | Beverly Hills Blinds & Shades, LA

Do you have old blinds or shades on your windows? Want to have them replaced? Let us help you find the perfect new coverings for your home or office. There are three key advantages to some of the modern design options available today. Learning about the improvements of modern types can help you make a more informed decision.

Should I replace My Window Coverings?

If you've had your old blinds for years, you might like to know how modern designs adapted to better service their users. There are many different types of shades available today, more so than ever really. But aside from decor-related changes, there have been some structural improvements that make modern options more durable.

  1. Stronger Tilt Mechanisms

    Have you ever pulled on the cord of your Venetian blinds or roller shades so hard that the string got jammed? Don't worry, we all have. In many designs, the system that drives the cord is called a Tilter. The strength and engineering of the tilter determines the strength of the entire pulley system of the blind. If you have an old weak one, it will be very easy to ruin it with aggressive use. Modern roller shades with more advanced tilters can come in much stronger models. They're also built to withstand greater pressure.
  2. Steel Head Rails

    Much like the Tilter, the head rail on a blind can determine the punishment it can withstand. Steel head rails allow for larger and heavier internal system parts. If you want a window treatment system that offers superior strength and stability, look out for one that features a steel body. This allows you to hang heavier material, such wood blinds. It's great for that added decor contribution that comes with more tactile coverings.
  3. Fashionable Colors and Styling

    If you bought your window covering many years ago, they're likely to have a very dull, boring and unfashionable aesthetic. It's now possible to find all kinds of designs in a wide variety of uplifting, warm and beautiful colors that can bring life to your interior and exterior themes. Many window treatment designs are made especially to create a certain vibe and ambiance in a room. Not only that. Some options can also contribute to your home or business in other ways. Cellular shades, for example, are hugely practical, look fantastic and can come in pretty much any color to match your preference.

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